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Multidimensional Analysis© for M&E

Before designing your development products and services, it is critically important for you to conduct environmental scanning so you can understand those different dimensions that affect development. Multidimensional Analysis for M&E is a refined analytical tool that helps you conduct environmental scanning by carefully examining at least nine (9) dimensions affecting development.

Development Pathways Analysis©

Development Pathways Analysis helps you put order, structure, and direction to your project results. It also helps you deal with the most challenging part in preparing your logframe which is the enumeration of activities and outputs that will comprise the foundation of your project. In turn, this powerful and innovative analytical tool maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of your project from proposal to implementation stages.

SIMPLE Approach©

How do you know if your development strategy is working or not? To find answer to this question you need to formulate indicators. In order to help you formulate indicators, the Strategy Indicators for Measuring Performance and Learning from Experience or SIMPLE Approach provides guidance on formulating qualitative and quantitative indicators the simple way yet focused in approach.

External Factors Monitoring©

Aside from dealing with indicators, another M&E innovation for you is External Factors Monitoring. This focuses on all nine (9) dimensions. These so-called external factors should not be taken for granted since they do help a lot in maintaining the development project's relevance throughout the implementation phase.

Electronic Logical Framework for M&E System

The logical framework has become much better and more suited to the Information Age with elogfraMEs™. With internet access, you and your project stakeholders can access updates and critical performance and results data anytime, anywhere. This makes monitoring and evaluation more convenient for your project stakeholders and so they can always participate in informed discussions with in-demand data and information right at their finger tips.

elogfraMEs™ is every development worker's tool


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Our Services

Being in the field of international development for more than 10 years, we have these quality services that can be tailored fit to suit your M&E needs for your development projects

Performance and Impact Evaluations

More than research, our client policy-driven evaluations have systematically guided our clients to make informed decisions thereby addressing their respective development issues while maximizing their dollar investments for development and catalyse positive changes.

M&E System Development &

Fostering participatory and inclusive development project management, we can help you develop and maintain your own M&E System based on your conventional logical framework to enhance your stakeholders’ participation and inclusion throughout your development project's implementation.

Knowledge Management

Utilizing open-source content management system, our monitoring and evaluation reports are easily accessible online and are designed to help development project managers and stakeholders make informed decisions based on accurate, transparent, and relevant data and information.

Technical Assistance &
Capacity Building

Understanding the fact that M&E is not exclusive among M&E practitioners, we provide face-to-face and online capacity building support and technical assistance so that everyone on board your development project can effectively participate in both monitoring and evaluation activities.

M&E Online Support

Taking cue from donor policies and implementing agency requirements, our partner M&E Specialists with solid work experience in international development can assist you in your M&E work so you can come up with informed decisions to better manage your development project.

Customer Support

As our client, we are always ready to know your concerns so we can continuously improve your M&E experience while working with us.

technology@work for M&E

Our M&E innovations are not confined in our books and reports but are practically helping us become more efficient and effective in delivering monitoring and evaluation services for our clients.

High-tech Data-gathering

Our Experience

Our years of experience on M&E matched with our innovations and use of state-of-the-art technology enable us to provide our clients with data-driven findings for their evidence-based programming. This intertwined approach gives us the edge in producing credible M&E reports that our clients deserve.

Our Story in Numbers


Our Works


Evidence-based, results-driven evaluation of M&E System with key stakeholders

Economic Growth

Maximizing regional fiscal policy by prioritizing inclusive growth among MSMEs

Digital Health

Achieving health sector goals through better national M&E System management

Coastal Resources Management

Assisting government evaluators in evaluating impacts on coastal resources

Capacity Building

Retooling our government evaluators with better evaluation techniques and approaches

Climate Change Adaptation

Evaluating impacts on stakeholder livelihood whether these are resilient to climate change effects

Enterprise Strengthening

Providing micro and macroeconomic strategies to improve agribusiness interventions

Climate Change Mitigation

Helping project designers understand the successes and failures of projects for mitigating GHG emissions

Data Quality Assessment

Sharing with M&E system and portfolio managers those effective data quality control practices

M&E Blogs

Got questions about M&E? Check out some of the innovative ideas to help you deal with your M&E work.

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